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Holidays, Travel and Tourism in Crimea


Entertaining and Fun Activities in Crimea

We at 'Holidays In Crimea' can help make your holiday even more enjoyable by organising fun and entertaining activities for you during your stay in Crimea. These include - mountain hiking, exploring the areas my bike, scuba diving in the Black Sea, horse riding safaris, cave exploring, river canyoning, Black Sea yacht cruises and wine tasting tours.

Mountain Hiking in Crimea

Crimea has some of the best rock climbing that you will find anywhere in the world. So far, this is a relatively unknown destination for climbers, which finally is now being discovered. The length and technical difficulties of some of the routes in Crimea are on par with the most famous routes in Western Europe and North America. The warm climate, good transport connections and countless number of rock faces for climbers of all levels makes Crimea a very attractive destination for climbers.

Mountain Hiking In Crimea
Few places on Earth have so many diverse hiking opportunities in such a small territory as Crimea. A multitude of micro-climates and micro-ecosystems and an abundance of roads, trails, and historical objects makes Crimea a very interesting place to explore. However, the vast majority of hikers and cyclists visit only the mountainous part of Crimea that is south of Simferopol; the rest of the peninsula is flat and quite monotonous.
The main starting points for hikers are Simferopol and Bakhchisaray. 'Holidays In Crimea' use the services of a very experienced and knowledgeable English speaking Crimean Mountain Guide to show you the breathtaking views of the Mountains and Cave cities of Crimea.

The Crimean Mountains are a range of three parallel ridges extending along the southern portion of the Crimean Peninsula and forming part of the northern Black Sea coast in southern Ukraine. At 154 km (96 miles) long, the range varies in width, averaging 50 km (30 miles) wide. The main (southern) ridge is the Yaila, a Turkish name meaning “summer pasture,” which is often applied to the entire range. The Crimean Mountains rise abruptly from the Black Sea, reaching a maximum elevation of 1,545 m (5,069 ft) on Mount Roman-Kosh. The range’s average elevations are 500 to 900 m (1,600 to 3,000 ft). The Crimean Mountains are part of the great alpine folding of southeastern Europe, and their structural lines span from the Balkan Mountains eastward under the Black Sea, through the Crimean mountain structures, across the Strait of Kerch in Russia, and into the Caucasus Mountains.

At higher elevations in the Crimean Mountains precipitation is twice as great as on the coast, which averages 700 mm (28 in) annually in Yalta. As a result, the mountains are covered with fairly dense deciduous forests of oak, white beech, maple, and ash. Pine trees appear above the deciduous forests, while fertile meadows occupy the plateau-like summits of the Yaila. No commercial minerals are found in the Crimean Mountains. Because of the excellent climate of the southern slopes, resorts are located there.

Popular Hiking Destinations include : Grand Canyon (400-800 m), Ay-Petri Plateau and Ay-Petri Mt. (1234 m), Babugan Plateau and Roman Kosh Mt. (1545 m), Chatyr-Dag Plateau and Eklizi-Burun Mt. (1527 m), Demerdzhi Plateau, North Demerdzhi Mt. (1356 m) and South Demerdzhi Mt. (1239 m), Valley of the Ghosts, Karabi Plateau, Kara-Tau Mt. (1220 m), Tay-Koba Mt. (1259 m)

Cycling and Mountain Biking In Crimea

Cycling around Southern Crimea

South Eastern Crimea also has many scenic roads fit for cycling. The Kerch Peninsula is almost completely flat, but there are many roads and relatively little traffic. As strong winds can be an issue, check wind direction before finalizing the direction of travel. West of Feodosiya begin the Crimean Mountains with their great and varied scenery. In the eastern section of the mountains there are numerous paved roads up these long valleys to remote small towns and villages, as well as endless kilometers of dirt and rocky roads suitable for mountain biking.

A really nice cycling route is Bakhchisaray to Yalta (86 km). It is a beautiful ride with few cars through the foothills and mountains and with a strenuous 1000 m climb up switchbacks (over 12 km) to the stunning Ay-Petri plateau, then a steep descent into Yalta.

Mountain Biking around the mountain plateaus of Crimea
Mountain Biking
Crimea is a mountain biker's dream. Numerous automobile roads make the mountains easily accessible, and bikeable trails and dirt roads crisscross the peninsula. The main starting points for cyclists are Simferopol, Bakhchisaray, Sevastopol, and Feodosiya. Bikers in Crimea will be treated to an abundance of breath-taking views, mountain trailsВ and clear refreshing rivers. There are countless mountain paths as well as plenty of out of the way roads that are rarely used by motorists. Autumn is perhaps the best season for biking in Crimea. It is not so hot, the sea is still warm, and the horizon is no longer obscured by holidaymakers.
If you would like to try out biking for a day or two in Crimea, there are a variety of guided day trips and excursions that you can take.  If you are an experienced biker, or wish to make biking the focus of your holiday, but do not feel like taking your bikes, outfits and guides to Crimea, then this can be organized for you; including the provision of an escort car and route planning.

Scuba Diving In The Black Sea

Scuba Diving in the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea
Crimea offers diving for beginners and experienced divers alike.
You can undertake a variety of PADI training programs. Our diving courses take place on the South coast of the Crimea in Alushta, Sevastopol, Sudak and Balaklava.
For experienced divers, Crimea has some very specical attractions. Here enormous sharp-edged rocks drop directly into the Black sea. The fierce storms of the Black Sea are legendary, and have made many unsuspecting victims from the successive maritime powers that attempted the long trip to the wealthy peninsula. As well as these dangerous natural conditions for ships, centuries of conflict including most recently two world wars and a revolution have turned the bed of this enclosed sea into a submerged necropolis. The Crimean Black Sea offers experienced scuba divers numerous historically important wrecks that upto now have been explored by few people from the West.

Horse Riding Safaris

Horse riding in Crimea
There are a variety of mountain horseback tours that you can undertake in Crimea, some of which last multiple days and include overnight stops in approved accommodation or 'Holidays In Crimea' can arrange day trips for you. Well kept horses take you around some of Crimea's most beautiful roads and paths, from where you can breathe perfectly clean mountain air, and admire the beautiful views, making such a trip a memorable occasion. Horse back tours take place in the vicinity of Alushta and Yalta on the beautiful south coast of Crimea.

Exploring the Caves of Crimea
Cave Cities of Crimea
Crimea is an undiscovered utopia for cavers, or those wanting to try it out for the first time. There are around 2000 caves in Crimea with a depth up to 550 meters and a length over 20,000 meters. The "cave towns" of Crimea are a fascinating phenomenon. These ancient settlements were actually built on the tops of plateaus of 300-550 m elevation in the Bakhchisaray region — not in caves as the name would suggest. However, these plateaus are made of soft rocks that form caves easily, and settlers expanded these caves and used them for storage, tombs, prisons, and housing military units. Today nearly 200 years since the last cave towns were abandoned — the buildings have mostly crumbled and disintegrated, and the caves are all that remain. 

Wine Tasting Excursions

Wine tasting tours in Crimea
A perfect combination of soil and climatic conditions led Crimea to being one of the principal wine making regions of the Soviet Union. Whilst Crimean wines aren't widely available in the West, they are renounced and very much in demand amongst the ex-Soviet countries. Crimea excels in sweet, dessert wines, although there are a smaller number of dry wines produced here too. The main wine tasting areas in Crimea are in Koktebel near Feodosia, and Massandra near Yalta. In Massandra you will find an unparalleled collection of wines going right back to some of the 19th century vintages. In Koktebel you will find predominantly dessert wines ranging from ruby ports to fine Madeiras. In 2004 Six hand-blown bottles of 1913 Kron Brother's Madeira, which bore the Tsar's personal seal, fetched £4,140 ($8280) at Sotheby's. The vintages came from the Imperial winery at Massandra, near Yalta, on the southern coast of Crimea.
The Imperial winery was built in the 1890s to supply wines for the tsar's summer palace at Livadia. Twenty-one tunnels, each nearly 500ft (152 metres) long, took three years to dig into the mountainside and even now rank among the finest cellars in the world.

Yacht Cruises

Crimea Boating and Yachting Excursions
Wouldn't you agree that the best way to view the beautiful coastline of Crimea would be from aboad a luxury yacht cruising in the Black Se?. 'Holidays In Crimea' can arrange your Crimea Cruises for you. On the longer cruises we will stop to allow you to explore all the famour sites. You will also sleep and be wined and dined on our fabulous yachts.
An example of our fascinating cruises are:
Sevastopol - Balaklava - upto 12 passengers - 6 hrs
Balaklava - Cape Aya - upto 12 passengers - 3 hrs
Balaklava - Cape Fiolent - upto 12 passengers - 3 hrs
Sevastopol - Yalta - upto 8 passengers - 3 days
Sevastopol - Sudak - upto 8 passengers - 5 days
Yevpatoria - Feodosia - upto 8 passengers - 8 days


Paragliding and hang gliding in Crimea
Most of the flying sites in the Crimea are situated in its south part where the mountain range stretch along the sea coast. The highest peaks are Roman-Kosh (1545 m), Chatyr-Dag (1527 m), Northern Demerji (1356 m) and Ai-Petri (1232 m). In the Crimea you can find soaring sites for quiet flying and waggas and good thermal sites from where cross country is possible. The most popular sites are :
Foros - excellent flying site. The take-off is from the flat top of the mountain at an altitude 600 metres. To the left of the take-off are 300 metre high steep rocks. Good thermals allow great flights along the 8 km ridge. Cross-country flights are possible along the coast in the direction of Yalta or Sevastopol. But the conditions can be very strong and turbulent in the summer

Laspi is another flying site on the South Coast of the Crimea. The take-off is situated above the bay of Laspi. On a good sunny day it's easy to get 300-700 metres above the take-off site and fly along the coast to Kush-Kaya mountain. Following the rocks you can fly 5-6 km from the take-off and back. Also there is the possibility of cross country flights to the inner part of the Crimea.
Beregovoe and Koeche are soaring sites on the west coast of the Crimea. Near Beregovoe village there is a long ridge 11 km long, stretching along the shore and when the breeze blows you can fly many kilometres in calm and relaxing conditions. Kacha is almost the same. Just the ridge is higher, and is 7 km long. In these places you can fly almost every summer day.
Taz-Tau Mountain is situated in the inner part of the Crimea so there is no sea influence here. This is the reason why it's the best place for cross-country flying. The cloudbase in summer is up to 2000-2200 meters above the sea level. Thermals are very stable and not turbulent. Excellent cross-country flights are possible in the east and south directions. Behind Taz-Tau there is Chatyr-Dag range - one of the highest mountains in the Crimea.

Please contact us for further details and prices of any of the above fun filled activitity adventures available in Crimea offered by 'Holidays In Crimea'

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